“This sports campus is what was needed for our surrounding neighbourhoods.
 will be the recreational centrepiece & fabric of what we will bring our communities together for the next 40-50 years. This is an exciting opportunity for our City! 

Mitchell Tweel, City Councillor Ward 4
Past President, PEI Tackle Football

We would be very excited to have a facility of this caliber for our minor hockey programs as well as using this space to host regional  tournaments. 

Keith Ford, President CMHA 

Im very excited for our students athletes to have access to such a great complex and campus where they can be active as well as compete in their athletics

KJ White , Principal, Queen Charlotte Intermediate School

Very excited to have the infrastructure thats required to potentially host national events and professional camps to benefit our community economically.  More importantly this sites creates a space for inclusion of all people in our Community. 

Jamie Blanchard, Blanchard Goaltending, Jag Hockey