An inclusive recreational campus for all our community to enjoy.

>Simmons Sports Campus is considered part of a broader community and engagement from across PEI

>Functionally integrated into the activities and facilities of the surrounding 6 schools & Community

>Design options look holistically at the improved functionality of the entire campus

>Strategically & centrally located to allow appropriate proximity & access for inner city recreation and wellness. 

Location Advantage

-Honouring the Legacy & historical significance of the property by enhancing it for many more years
-Approx 2,700 students attend 6 local schools in the surrounding area near Simmons campus. 

-Ease of traffic & logistics: Parents commutes/drop off/ pickups close to communities and downtown core
-School and student access for extra-curricular activities which may start or end after school sessions

-Vicinity to downtown hotels for visiting teams as well as ease of access with North River Road
-Access for nearby community families, seniors, inner city youth, newcomers 
-Fields to be used in shoulder seasons (fall/spring) so athletes can access vs waiting for ground thaw

-Access to pool, fields and ice arena near schools for these neighbourhoods vs having to drive out to edge of City.

Let’s consider a venue that accommodates both school, extra-circular as well as reducing the burden of commute-travel times of those families by creating a “Centralized, Strategic, Accessible Community Destination” for all community members.

Footprint & Landscape

The future site has more than adequate size and ease of parking with spill over from both schools to allow for night & weekend games helping spread out access during tournaments.

The size of the current footprint can allow for the sporting fields, pathways, pool and arena to be built as one entire campus creating a true "community park of recreation".