As you are aware our Friends of Simmons community group has been working for well over a year to outline information and gather community support to ensure that the City of Charlottetown focuses efforts to rebuild the Simmons Sports Complex with a new modern facility on the current Simmons grounds. 


We have combined this initiative with other community needs such as turf fields, sports courts, walking paths and a community pool. We have condensed this idea into the Simmons Sports Campus which addresses a large number of the needs and issues in our community.

Please keep in mind this presentation & layout is preliminary as a key discussion piece that incorporates and reflects the voices whom we listened to from the community and most importantly the key user groups who use the facility now. 


It was a huge effort from everyone on our team to coordinate the campaign, listen to community groups and key user groups as well as capture & build a campus that our community deserves. 

This project was undertaken by VOLUNTEERS for the betterment & prosperity of this neighborhood & our community!

We encourage the City of Charlottetown, Province and Federal Government to work as partners to make this development happen.  


On Dec 17th City Council voted to start the process of decommissioning Simmons Arena in favour of building a third ice pad at the Bell Aliant centre on the campus of UPEI. We feared this and feel our community cannot lose its Community Rink, a place where young and old enjoy active living and sports. Having this arena has created so many friendships, comraderies and memories and it should be further developed to foster and build many more.

We are fighting for Simmons to be rebuilt and offer Charlottetown with new infrastructure and increases active living, reduces travel time, parking congestion and vicinity to nearby schools for recreation. 


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